About Us

Dongguan Hedong Molded Pulp Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan East Industrial Park. It is an outstanding environmental protection packaging enterprise with self-built industrial plant, professional dry-press paper pallet, wet-press paper pallet, right-angle cross-cutting fine paper pallet, pulp moulding products, environmental protection dyeing paper pallet, paper pallet, pulp mask mask mask mask mask and pulp handicraft. Pulp moulding, English name: Molded Pulp Packaging, referred to as MPP, commonly known as egg holder. The company has more than 60 employees, covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters. Since its establishment, Hedong has been taking environmental protection as its responsibility, devoting itself to the research and development of green environmental protection packaging. High-quality research and development team, scientific management system provides customers with high-quality paper support products and services. At present, paper holders have passed a number of environmental certification, including SGS, REACH, ROSE, MSDS. Paper holder not only can be recycled and degraded, but also can provide good seismic and anti-seismic protection effect. It is an ideal packaging material to replace white foam plastic at present.


Hedong Paper Holder has a complete set of mould design and manufacturing workshop, according to the needs of customers, it can quickly provide design drawings and sand mold handboard of paper Holder, It has advanced semi-automatic pulp moulding production line , a number of wet-pressing production technology and sugarcane pulp material environmental protection paper Holder production line. The annual output of the company paper holder reaches more than 10,000 tons, which has the following characteristics: 1: Waste paper, sugarcane pulp, etc. Raw materials, 100% recycled, can be completely degraded. 2: under the same packaging conditions, the cost will generally be lower than foam (EPS), plastic absorption, pearl cotton (EPE), etc.. 3: anti-static, waterproof, moisture-proof. 4: products can be stacked, saving storage and transportation costs. 5: can be dyed into a variety of colorful environmental paper holders, both sides can be very smooth. It is widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, hardware tools, communication equipment, toys, glass and ceramics, crafts, furniture, medical and health products, as well as poultry and eggs industry lining packaging.

Hedong Paper Holder has been advocating the business concept of “working hand in hand with customers and developing in harmony with society” for more than ten years. It seeks to provide the latest and best products for the society and continuously introduces and digests the advanced international production technology and management experience. The company constantly strengthens internal management, improves product quality, optimizes after-sales service, strives to achieve excellence, vigorous fashion, constantly surpass customer needs, and strives to create new concepts in the field of application of environmental protection packaging materials. Warmly welcome customers and friends from home and abroad to call and visit our company.