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Pulp moulding products are liner packaging products of different kinds and uses, which are made from waste paper, pulped and blended into a certain concentration of pulp, vacuum adsorption moulded on special moulds, and then dried. This kind of packaging product, because of its geometric shape consistent with the appearance of the packaging and its ideal protective effects such as shock, shock, static and anti-corrosion, has been tested by various physical indicators. Its performance and efficacy are sufficient to replace and superior to those of EPS, PS and PVC packaging products. It also has such indicators and functions as shock-proof function, environmental protection, price and anti-static property. It has an advantage. It is widely used in the lining packaging of electronics, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, electrical tools, computers, household appliances, glass, ceramics and agricultural products. The main products include electric fans, TV sets, telephone sets, mobile phones, game consoles, toasters, rice cookers, computer accessories, ceramic tea sets, electric irons, lighting, electronic components and other products of cushioning and shock-proof packaging, enough to replace the traditional foamed polystyrene (commonly known as white foam EPS). Our company can design and manufacture environmentally friendly paper mold lining packaging of various shapes and specifications according to customer requirements.

Brief Introduction and Overview of Paper Holder Performance 1: Suitable for packaging heavy products such as audio, printer, computer, TV, calculator, mobile phone and other light products. 2: Environmental protection (recyclable use, no harmful substances) 3: Antistatic, shockproof, moisture-proof

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